Maple Grove Driving School
Maple Grove Driving School

Parent / Teen Meetings

Our parent / teen meetings are free to EVERYONE - even if you go elsewhere. THEY ARE GREAT AND ENJOYABLE. You owe it to your financial future to come and see why you and your teenager are at risk.

Mike will hold a parent / teen meeting to answer any questions you as a parent may have concerning his teaching style, credentials and experiences. Mike will cover the new laws, and how they apply to your new driver. He will also go over how you as parents can help your son or daughter become a better driver.

The Parent / Teen Meeting is MANDATORY and does meet the new state guidelines that are effective 1/1/2015 as well as for students who want to participate in our Drivers Education Added Features. Attendance of the student and at least one parent/guardian is required.


Please check back for upcoming parent meetings.

DVD - Roadworthy

DVD - RoadworthyCreated by founder Michael Pehl, "Roadworthy: A Parent's Guide to Teaching Teens to Drive"

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