Maple Grove Driving School
Maple Grove Driving School

Sauk Centre Students

For all Behind the Wheel Lessons, there is:
  • a MANDATORY two (2) week waiting period between Behind the Wheel Lessons 
  • a fuel surcharge for each behind the wheel lesson which is dependent upon fuel prices at the time of lesson.

On your 4th and final behind the wheel lesson there is an option to have your instructor take you to the license exam immediately following the lesson.


Optional license exam following Final lesson:
Monday - Friday, either 7:30am or 10:30am.

  • This is an excused absence from most schools.
  • There is an additional charge associated with this lesson of $50.00 (effective 6/1/13).
  • Teens Inc. will schedule the exam and you will use Teens Inc vehicle for exam.

Unique for Sauk Centre students

Sauk Centre students only need

6 hours

of Behind the Wheel lessons
Sauk Centre students fee:



Instructions for You

  1. Scan and email a copy of their classroom completion certificate
  2. Open a user account with our appointment system:
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